Timezone is the world’s leading fun family interactive entertainment centre that offers state of the art games, attractions and amusements. EVERY Timezone entertainment centre is located in a safe friendly and happy environment for maximum player convenience and fun.

All areas of our centres feature brightly lit environments that promote a secure environment. Timezone is a great place for the young and the young at heart to have the most awesome time playing the latest and most exciting games available.

Timezone family entertainment centres promote the following;
  • A greater and more exciting environment that is way beyond “arcade games”
  • Feature the latest games, best attractions and thrilling amusement rides.
  • Encourage greater value through the Timezone player PowerCards, exclusive to Timezone.
  • Attractive, easy to select prize redemption counters.

Origins of Timezone; LAI Games

LAI Games was established in 1958. Since then we have already set up more than 200 state of the art Timezone family entertainment centres located in the following countries;

New Zealand
The Philippines

Timezone PowerCard

Most Timezone family entertainment centres use the very popular and convenient Power Card system. The PowerCard is a plastic reusable cars {similar to an ATM card} that players use instead of tokens, in playing amusement games. The card is convenient to use, practical, convenient, easy to use, reloadable and includes membership loyalty benefits.

All Timezone locations offer a wide selection of quality prizes, prominently displayed at our famous prize counter. The prize counter is located in the main arear of our family entertainment centres and can be considered an attraction on its own, with a great selection of prizes ranging from toys to electronics. The prize counter is a focal point of your visit to Timezone.

A visit to Timezone is simply the most awesome experience, and with the constantly changing of the latest games and attractions is definitely a destination for the best in fun and excitement in a freiendly safe environment. Suitable for all ages. Timezone, rated F for FUN.